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Creating Connections: Making Meaningful Differences in the Lives of Families

Session 1

Autism - Screening for and Diagnosing Autism: Early Characteristics and Early Screening Carol Schall
Partnerships with Parents Nancy Siebel

The NICU Experience: Its Impact and Implications The NICU PowerPoint : Prenatal Sensory Development : NIDCAP (Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program) : Bibliography : Web Resources

Barbara Purvis

Ensuring Collaboration for Children Enrolled in EI and Early Head Start - Presentation

Sue Swadley

Jackie Withers-Johnson

Early Literacy in Two Languages: Working with Linguistically Diverse Children and Families - Presentation

Janice Im

Best Practices for Ethnic, Cultural, and Language Diversity in Intervention… - Presentation

Linette Nixon

Session 2

Autism - Fact and Fiction: Sorting Through Information on Autism to Guide Best Practice

Carol Schall
Participation in Natural Environments… - Increasing Participation in Natural Environments : AD PowerPoint : Natural Learning Opportunities : Professional Survey : Newsletters 2004 : Jan, Feb, March, April Jennifer Cave

Why do I have to know about typical development anyway?

Dianne Koontz Lowman

Virginia Early Intervention Vision Screening Process

Lisa Shearman

Supporting Child/Parent Interactions - SESSION Cancelled

Eva Thorp

Mediation-What We've Learned - He Said… She Said…A Primer on Dispute Resolutions : Complainant Registration Form : Administrative Complaints Flow Chart : Mediation & Due Process Flow Chart

Mary Anne White

Session 3

She Hates That. . . Looking at Childrens' Behavior Through the Lens of Sensory Processing Dianne Koontz Lowman
Making the Most of Every Visit: A strategy for …Making the Most of Every Visit : Making The Most Of Your Visit Family Spanish : Making The Most Of Your Visit Spanish . Susan Sigler

Positive Behavioral Supports…

Mark Lester

Auditory-Based Intervention-Part I - Auditory Verbal Intervention: Beginning at the Beginning

Lori Bobsin

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention. No Handouts

Pat Dewey

Kathy Pierson

Up to the Minute.. An Update From Part C : No Handouts


Session 4

Positive Behavioral Supports… - Creative Strategies Utilizing Positive Behavioral Supports for Children Birth to Three

Mark Lester

Using Augmentative Alternative Communication with the 0-3 Population AAC For 0 to 3 : AAC Basics : AAC Portability

Heather Atkins

Lekotek: Making Play Accessible for Children with Special Needs : Adaptive Toy Companies : Toy Features to Keep in Mind When Choosing Toys : National Lekotek Center’s Top Ten Tips to Consider When Buying Toys for Children with Disabilities : Why Is Play Important?

Tristan Robertson

Elizabeth Brammer

Auditory-Based Intervention-Part II

Lori Bobsin

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention. NO Handouts

Pat Dewey

Kathy Pierson

Embedding Intervention Into …

Tracy Miller

Session V

IDEA 2004: New Challenges and Opportunities for Young Children, Families, and Professionals - Comparison of IDEA '97 to H.R. 1350 : References and Online Resources : PEATC Fact Sheet : Coffee Flyer : PEATC IDEA 2004 - Part C

Bonnie Davis

Implementing AT Services in an IDEA, Part C Program - Accessing Assistive Technology and Audiology : Assistive Technology Brochure : Implementing AT Service : Assistive Technology Request : Resources for Funding Assistive Technology : On line Resources for Service Providers : Technology Lending Procedures : On Line Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs : Writing a letter of Medical Necessity for Durable Medical equipment : Technology Loan Closet - Equipment Loan Contract : The SETT Framework

Cathie Cummins
Weathering Autism - Weathering Autism : Weathering Autism FAQ David Hamrick

Effective Parent Involvement - The Arc of Virginia - Family Involvement Project

Debra Holloway Scottie Burnette

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