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Kaleidoscope Level I

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Kaleidoscope testing Kaleidoscope exercise Kaleidoscope: New Perspectives in Service Coordination, Level I (KI) is an introduction to service coordination. The class is specifically designed for newer Early Intervention service coordinators who have been on the job for less than three months. Veteran service coordinators can also benefit by taking the class as it is an excellent refresher course!

Initial training consists of two consecutive classroom days. During the following month, participants are expected to reflect upon and implement learned skills at their worksites, then return to the class for the third and final day of coursework.

group exercise Pre-training and mid-training activities assist service coordinators in applying the information provided through KI to their daily work with children, families, and early intervention colleagues. Participants are also encouraged (but not required) to take a pre and post-test to assess knowledge gained from the course.

Topics covered in KI include: Guiding Principles of Early Intervention, The Role of the Service Coordinator, Cultural Competence, Teamwork, Effective Communication, The IFSP Process, and Financial Matters.

practice KI is offered several times per year throughout the state. Dates and locations are posted on the Part C Web site. System Managers are also notified via e-mail as soon as dates and locations are established.

Comments from your colleagues from past KI trainings:

listening “This was a very enlightening and relaxing experience filled with lots of fun.”

“Great and wonderful to network and work with friends and colleagues across the state!”

“Regardless of experience level, SCs benefit greatly from this training.”

“I really enjoyed the training and the trainers! It was a very open training that welcomed questions and comments. It was very helpful.”

“This training was awesome. I am more clear about my role as a service coordinator. I have more understanding on how to ask better questions for the IFSP (page 2).”

Complete Consumer Satisfaction Results:

Mar-May 2006 (Culpeper)
KI Satisfaction Surveys K I Zoomerang Follow-up Surveys
January - February 2008 (Hampton)  
October - November 2007 (Danville)
March - April 2007 (Abingdon)  
October - November 2006 (Manassas)  
Sept-Oct 2006 (Staunton)  
Mar-May 2006 (Culpeper)  
January - February 2006 (Roanoke)  
April – May 2005 (Fisherville) September – October 2004 and January – February 2005 Trainings
January – February 2005 (Richmond) June – July 2003 and September – October 2003 Trainings.
September – October 2004 (Hampton)  
March 2004 (Charlottesville)  
September – October 2003 (Bristol)  
June - July 2003 (Fredericksburg)  

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