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Integrated Training Collaborative

Creating Connections: Navigating Toward Success

April 25, 2006

Where are We and How Did We Get Here? The New Realities of Accountability in Early Intervention ; Handout Larry Edelman
STRAND I - Current Trends

Building Collaborative Relationships Shirley Ricks; Mary Ann Discenza; Anne Kennedy; Sandra Lane Church
Transitioning to Part B: Innovative Solutions Lynn Wolfe; Renee Dino; Pam Booker
STRAND II - Early Brain Development and Literacy

Strengthening Families with the Healing Power of Play : “Activities” ; “Quotes” ; “ Strengthening Families with the Healing Power of Play ” ; “Handouts”
Anne Stewart

Early Brain Development: Teaching to the Brain

Sandy Slack
STRAND III - Sensory Processing

ITOTS and the Future of the Part C Data System Sanford Hostetter
Compliance vs. Complaint… You Decide ; “Commonly Asked Questions” ; “Parent/Provider/Agency Disagreements Request for Resolution Form” ; “Mediation and Due Process Hearings: A Comparison” Mary Anne White
Sensory Integration and Self -Regulation in the Infant and Young Child Marie Anzalone
STRAND IV - Intervention Strategies

Strategies for Using Video in EI ; Handout Larry Edelman
General Considerations in Working with Infants and Toddlers with Visual Impairments : Assessment of the Young Children Who are Visually Impaired : Assessing and Facilitating the Use of Functional Vision in Young Children who are Visually Impaired : Resources for Parents of Young Children who are Visually Impaired Carla Brown

Creating Connections: Navigating Toward Success

April 26, 2006

Disability is Natural and Other Revolutionary Common Sense : Kathie Snow Biography ; People First Language ; Inspiration, Motivation, Transformation ; Reasons to keep an OPEN MIND ; What Do You Say When...? ; Why Do We Apologize? ; Shhhh! Someone's Listening, Watch Your Language! ; The Disability Double Standard ; The "Right" to a Normal Life ; The Problem with Problem ; Redefining Disability ; What's "a behavior"? ; The Case Against "Special Needs" ; Developmental Age vs. Chronological Age ; Early Diagnosis: Boon or Bane? ; The "Set-Up" for Grief ; The Lost Art of Manners ; Public Images vs. Personal Self Esteem ; Would You Believe?

Kathie Snow
STRAND I - Current Trends

Hands-on or Hands off? Therapists (and others) as Consultants : Living Natural Lives ; The New (and improved) Therapeutic Landscape ; Mining our Natural Resources ; Environment, Environment, Environment! ; Hearts and Minds ; Assistive Technology Can... ; Remember the Bicycle! ; Special Ed Preschools: Help or Hindrance?

Kathie Snow

Medicaid : How EPSDT and Their BabyCare Fit with Early Intervention

Brian Campbell; Ashley Barton

STRAND II - Early Brain Development and Literacy

Raising a Reader Selina Flores
Emergent Literacy and Natural Learning Opportunities in EI : “Home Routines and Learning Opportunities” ; “Promoting Early Literacy for Children with Disabilities”; “Examples of Early Literacy Learning Opportunities in Home Routines”; “Selected Early Literacy Web Sites” Adrienne Frank
STRAND III - Sensory Processing

Sensory Integration: A Transdisciplinary Approach for the EI Team Jane Stuart

Baby Behaviors; A Window to Understanding Sensory Processing

Pam Park; Jane Stuart

STRAND IV - Intervention Strategies

Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening: Effective Early Intervention for Infants with Hearing Loss

Debbie Pfeiffer; Leslie Hutcheson Prince

Neonatal Medical Conditions and Effects on Early Brain Development

Stephanie Delk; Beth Pruitt

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