The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services vvv

Code of Virginia

  • Part C Early Intervention Regulations
  • Code of Virginia Related to Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    § 2.2-2664. Virginia Interagency Coordinating Council; purpose; membership; duties.

    § 2.2-5300. Definitions.

    § 2.2-5301. Secretaries of Health and Human Resources and Education to work together.

    § 2.2-5303. Duties of participating agencies.

    § 2.2-5304. State lead agency's duties.

    § 2.2-5304.1. Local lead agencies.

    § 2.2-5305. Local interagency coordinating councils.

    § 2.2-5306. Duties of local public agencies.

    § 2.2-5308. Licensure as home care organization not required.

    § 32.1-127. Regulations. (regarding § 32.1-64.1. Virginia Hearing Impairment Identification and Monitoring System.)

    § 63.2-1715. Exemptions from licensure.

    § 2.2-2818. Health and related insurance for state employees.

    § 38.2-3418.5. Coverage for early intervention services.

    § 32.1-64.1. Virginia Hearing Impairment Identification and Monitoring System.

    § 32.1-64.2. Confidentiality of records; publication; Commissioner required to contact parents, physicians, and relevant local early intervention program.

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